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The only commercially available full-face motorcycle helmet without a chin strap. Unlike regular helmets, the Vozz RS 1.0 is rear access which eliminates the need for a large opening on the underside. This enables better protection, faster putting on, taking off and superior aerodynamics which reduces wind noise and neck stress

The unique designed features of this helmet mean that your head is "in" the helmet, rather than the helmet being "on" your head. The unique contour wraps under the chin and jaw, encasing you where other helmets can't, providing unrivalled protection and eliminating the need for a chin strap. The rear opening design is a world first, giving a much more comfortable experience.

Unique to Vozz helmets, the SRS (Safety release system) enables paramedics and first responders to gain instant access to the patient without putting stress and pressure on the neck and spine by "pulling" the helmet off. Instead, with a click, the Vozz SRS exposes the riders face without moving the head or neck. In addition, paramedics can completely remove the main helmet by releasing the SRS.


  • Mixed tri-composite and ABS shell construction
  • Dual density EPS liner for optimal protection
  • Quick-release anti-scratch UV resistant visor
  • Anti-fog visor coating for enhanced visibility
  • A larger field of view ideal for touring
  • Clamp-on strapless retention system
  • Easy to use helmet clamp locking system
  • Set and forget adjustable chin cup
  • Removable cheek pads and 4-piece liner
  • Interior can be washed to keep helmet fresh
  • Large front vents with channel rear exhausts
  • Safety release system in-case of an emergency
  • Curved EPS front and rear shells for optimal fit
  • Aerodynamic design for stability at speed
  • Reduced wind noise due to helmet design
  • Weighs approximately 1680g (+/- 50g)