Monster September Promo

Monster September Promo





What Items do i get as a bonus ?

You will receive a Branded Racing T-Shirt or a Racing Hat that look the part. You will be impressed. Simply spend $150 or more on a new Helmet and you will receive the Easy Stow Shoei Backpack for FREE. 

Can i use my Promo Code or my Gift Card and still receive the Bonus items ?

Yes Ofcouse you can 😊 and you will definitely receive the bonus items 

If i purchase other items like Jackets, Gloves etc do i still qualify for the Free Items Promo ? 

Yes you can and you sure will. Simply spend $150 or more. 

Can i use Afterpay, Zippay or Oxipay for my Order ?

 Yes sure. Please go ahead with whichever payment system you feel comfortable with. Moto Helmets is the only store recommended by Afterpay, Zippay and Oxipay for Motorcycle Helmets and things. We have shipped thousands of fresh new helmets to our customers. 

Can i pay online and pick up order(s) instore ?

Yes please feel free to get in touch with us after you have placed the order so we can advise whether or not it is readily available instore for pick up, if your items aren't instore they will most likely be at one of our warehouses which usually only takes 1-2 business days max to get them instore at our Military Road store. Once instore we will contact you and let you know 😊

Are these products all Genuine and New ? Why should i purchase from Moto Helmets and not from others ?

We are a legit and an ethical business. Everything you see is all New and Genuine all sourced locally from local suppliers. We often get so many compliments from customers for our "Amazon" like service. We buy products all Fresh from suppliers and safely store them at our shop or warehouse, we then ship those fresh products straight to you. Unlike most shops where you go and try things on "on the shelf " and then you buy that product. We have never wanted to be a traditional retail store and sell Helmets like that because no one wants to buy a tried, abused and a dusty helmet or any product. So shop with full confidence you are in good hands 🤝 


 Questions ? Do you require assistance with Anything ?

We are here to help to do our job. Phone: 1300 282 382