What Helmet Features to Choose From ?

What features to choose from?


The material of the shell has a large influence on several criteria as weight, comfort and safety. The most common helmet shells are made of polycarbonate, glass fiber - and carbon fiber composites. Usually the inner shells are made of Polystyrene (EPS).

  • Polycarbonate: flexes when it absorbs energy (less expensive material)
  • Glass Fiber composite: flexes, crushes and splits as it absorbs energy (more expensive)
  • Carbon Fiber: distributes impact throughout the shell and is ultra light-weight (most expensive and lightest)
  • EPS: foam material densely compressed into a shock absorbing inner shell

Weight of the helmet

A lighter helmet feels more comfortable when riding. You want to notice less as possible that the helmet is there. The lightest helmets are made from Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber. An average helmet weighs around 1400 – 1800 grams. Usually modular helmets are heavier than Full-face helmets and Open-Face Helmets. There is an additional flip-up mechanism built in the helmet. It is essential that the helmet has the right fit so that the impact is distributed throughout the helmet. If the center of gravity is off a lighter helmet can feel heavier and strain your neck.

Helmet features

As with a motorcycle, there are many features to think of when choosing a helmet. Examples are:

  • Integrated Sunvisor: dark tinted inner visor to protect your eyes against the sun
  • Isolation: high noise reduction enables a pleasant riding experience
  • Ventilation: a good airflow through helmet keeps the head cool
  • Inner Liner: think of antibacterial, removable and washable, noise reducing, reversible
  • Aerodynamic: wind tunnel tested, streamlined spoilers, good stability at high speeds
  • Communication: some helmets have incorporated mic and speakers, but most helmets in our shop are prepared for communication
  • Quick Release: the inner liner can be removed in case of an emergency


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