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Falco Ranger Camel Brown

The Falco Ranger boots are geared at the commuting rider, to be worn on the bike and through the working day. First and foremost, protection is key. With Falco using D30 impact protection tech, the ankle inserts allow free flow with regular movement, but the molecule technology will lock together in the event of abrupt force to help absorb the energy of the impact. Added with their P.U. moulded Tech-Toe, your feet will be quite safe dodging taxis on your morning commute. The team here decided to give these boots a good spectrum of use, from commuting in the rain, to belting through country roads, and finally to partying in them.


  • Full-grain oil treated leather upper and High Tex membrane.
  • D30 ankle cups inserts.
  • P.U. moulded Tech-Toe protection.
  • D3O impact protection ankle cups.
  • Laces hide pocket and zipper closure.
  • Vintage stitched hard-wearing Vibram sole.
  • CE Certified.


High-Tex Advanced Membrane: Falco membrane resistant to water penetration. The only scientific test to determine, define and indicate whether a motorcycle boot is waterproof is the test required by regulations EN 13634: 2010. The testing method consists of walk to 100 steps on a suitable platform with a water level 5mm above the sole. At the successful completion of this test, the boot is considered waterproof.

ACF/Men | ACF/Women: Craft constructive system of the boot around the last reproducing men's or women's foot anatomy. This technique allows the boot to reach a higher level of comfort, to extend utilisation time and match different riding conditions.

D3O Impact Protection: "D3O Impact Protection" developed in snow sports and military industry was first applied to motorcycle boots by Falco. "D3O Intelligent Molcules" flow freely when moving slowly but on shock, lock together to absorb impact energy. Transmitted force to ankle-foot area is significantly reduced thanks to D3O exclusive support.