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Helstons is one of France’s oldest and most respected makers of motorcycle apparel. The truth is that you simply can’t buy this kind of heritage, quality of components and construction, and technical performance, at the prices being offered by Helstons. It’s all in the detail; the way in which the panels are sewn together, the oils and waxes that are used to treat the leather, the seams, the linings. The guys at Helstons are obsessive and nothing escapes their scrutiny. The end result is a range of clothing that is as beautiful to the eye, as it is exquisite to wear.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, here’s a brand that’s got everything you’re ever going to want.


  • Woman model
  • Sport shoe in nubuck peach bovine leather
Fully lined in
cowhide Leather selector reinforcement

  • Rain protection by surface treatment
  • Sewn sole

  • Made in EU
  • CE approved shoe

                  NOTE:4-5 business days processing required