HipGrip Pillion Belt

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  • HipGrip Pillion Belt and protective sleeve.
  • One size fits most. From 74cm (27in) waste to 121cm (47½ in)
  • Instills confidence.
  • HipGrip provides the next level in comfort and safety for both pillion and rider.
  • HipGrip greatly reduces rider and pillion fatigue. 
  • Gives rider greater freedom of movement and control while riding two up.
  • Water proof making HipGrip ideal for personal watercraft.
  • Positive and safe grip for children.

Wearing HipGrip

  • Only use HipGrip as per manufacturer's specifications
  • Make sure HipGrip buckle is clipped securely before every ride. Test this by pulling apart
  • HipGrip size should be adjusted to ensure a snug fit around waist. Do not wear loose
  • HipGrip should be worn with the buckle positioned on the front left side. Side handles should be even on hips and rear handles positioned to the back
  • To release HipGrip, depress the two silver buttons on the buckle simultaneously

Caring for HipGrip

  • Inspect HipGrip for damage before every use
  • If HipGrip is damaged, replace belt
  • Treat HipGrip with due care. Store HipGrip out of direct sunlight
  • If HipGrip is exposed to salt water, rinse HipGrip with fresh, clean water immediately after use
  • HipGrip may be folded up to store away
  • HipGrip comes with a 1 year warranty