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With its growing success, we propose in 2016 a New Generation of modular embedded the most advanced mechanical on the market. More spacious, quieter and more ingenious, DESMO evolving to meet any of the desires of a wider audience.

 - More Spacious : Free space in Chinbar increased to more ease while maint its damping qualities

- Quieter : Developed exclusively for the Desmo New Generation, SILENT LINING removes turbulances and noise for a pleasant ride

- More Ingenious : Two additionnel unlock buttons provide fast opening in case of emergency

- More Useful : The addition of a reversible stop gives to this helmet a soft locking of the chinbar in Jet position

Still equipped with its patented screen desmodromic mechanism allowing the automatic movement of the screen depending on the rotation of the chinbar, DESMO NEW GENERATION will allow you to enjoy both a balanced full face, soundproofed, with the recognized impermeability and a ventilated Jet, protector and without turbulence.

His outstanding driving qualities worthy of a helmet, his avant-garde look and unseen versability make the move into a new era in accord with your growing demands..

Want it for its design, you will be convinced by its technical innovations!

  • Thermoplastic composite shell
  • Free space in chinbar increase
  • Progressive density of Double damping
  • Automatic visor with cames mechanism
  • Habillage 3D and ventilated lining for high quality confort
  • Facial and superiors Venturi air vents
  • Perfect sealing thanks double to the coupling of double patented and exlusif Roof seal
  • Active defog of sceen
  • Locking and unlocking automatic system with one hand
  • Double Homologation  Jet & Full Face E22-05