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The world's first helmet featuring this technology

Product of 25 years of SHARK creation and innovation, SKWAL is the new helmet of the Pulse range matching aggressive looks with versatility, comfort and safety. SKWAL shows off a tapered and organic profile fluidly sculpted by sleek speed through the air, with aerodynamic qualities and rock-solid stability enhanced by its spoiler. Its sleek lines are enhanced with three integrated LEDs with a rechargeable battery Skwal is the first full-face helmet ever to feature this technology. Born to attack, Skwal has a dynamic instinct for the road. Always on the hunt, the latest SHARK is built for Sport and Performance.


  • Pinlock Maxvision film provided
  • Autoseal System: making the visor adhering to the helmets gasket providing a much better insulation (water and cold)
  • Sharktooth ready
  • The LED system can be either on, off or flasing. The first helmet with LED lights, it has a rechargeable battery (with up to 5000 recharge cycles and a battery life of five hours on a continuous basis, 10 hours while flashing).