Special Tek Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags Throw Over

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M Stitch Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags Throw Over

Slanted Motorcycle Tek Leather Throwover Saddlebags, universal fitting for all types of cruiser motorcycles. These streamlined slanted bags will suit smaller sized cruiser motorcycles with an external shock absorber to match the line. Ideal storage space for short trip day riders / commuters.


  • Universal fit
  • Streamlined non fussy design
  • Made from 4mm thick Tek Leather
  • Plastic lined in width panel to hold heavier items & keep shape
  • Tek Leather is a sturdy & durable leather look material which is waterproof, never drys out of fades. This new material overall performs & looks better than traditional leather bags.
  • Plain classic streamlined design
  • Snap inner lid cover with weather cover lid sides to keep rain out
  • Heavy duty clip buckles hidden under strips for convenience when opening/closing
  • Real nickel studs and buckles
  • Adjustable throwover piece (able to adjust the height each bag sits on your bike)
  • Ties on each end of saddle bag to ensure a secure fit
  • Extra thick/durable rivets in all the major joints
  • Heavy duty stitching

The actual measurements are as follows:

  • Length = 16" / cm
  • Height = 12" / cm
  • Width = 6" / cm