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Most newer cars have Bluetooth (r) for seamless smartphone streaming. Older cars only have FM and AM radios. The Bluetooth FM transmitter transmits information via short-range radio waves to Bluetooth devices. It also acts as an adapter. This lets you stream your favorite music directly from your device and offers hands-free calling.

Our team of reviewers has gathered our top picks for Bluetooth FM transmitters. We’ll cover everything from readability and connectivity to help you choose the best Bluetooth FM transmitter.

Overall: Nulaxy, KM18

Nulaxy’s accessories for cars are made with the driver in mind. The KM18 is an example of this. The 1.44-inch LED display makes it easy to see. Additionally, the flexible gooseneck allows you to angulate upwards for better visibility.

The KM18’s wide range of Bluetooth features allows it to pair with nearly any Apple, Android, or Galaxy device. This will enable you to stream your favorite playlists and make phone calls. For those who prefer wired electronics, the KM18 offers a variety of options for wireless playback, including an AUX, USB, and micro-SD card reader.

Our Experience

Our testing has shown that the Nulaxy KM18 Bluetooth FM transmitter is the most useful on the market. The Nulaxy KM18 received five stars due to its outstanding versatility, clear display, and exceptional connectivity.

Installation The KM18 was easily installed into our vehicle’s auxiliary socket. Within seconds, we could establish a Bluetooth connection with our phone.

Streaming/Calls: After connecting, the KM18 instantly streamed our phone’s music without interruptions. The KM18 associated with us quickly gave us the caller ID.

Versatility – The KM18 has multiple ports that allow for streaming of any type. However, the charging speed from our iPhone to the USB port could have been faster.

Best For Phone Calls: Lencent T25

The Lencent is a valuable tool if you make frequent calls while driving. This Bluetooth FM transmitter features noise suppression technology and echo cancellation for uninterrupted, high-quality calling.

The T25 has dual USB ports that can simultaneously charge two external devices. The T25’s over-current protection prevents overloading devices and allows for quick charging. T25 can display the voltage of your car’s battery.

What customers are saying

Amazon reviews gave the T25 an average rating of 4.4% stars. This comes from more than 17,000 reviews. About 70% of these are 5-star ratings.

The setup was simple and positive reviewers were impressed by the call features. One reviewer complained that the T25 was static when pressed at high volumes and for long periods.

Best Charging: Imden Bluetooth C57

The Imden Bluetooth’s sleek design means it has an efficiency charging rate of up to 80 percent. This helps to reduce power consumption. Overcharging can permanently harm your phone’s battery due to over-current or over-voltage protection.

To ensure that it doesn’t go out of control after long periods of use, the C57 has intelligent temperature control and short-circuit protection. The yellow-ray LED display acts as a voltmeter and can measure electrical output.

Best USB Adaptability: Anker Roav

Many Bluetooth FM transmitters have USB ports only, but the Anker ROAV has an additional USB-C outlet. This feature, compatible with most smart devices that use USB-C cords for charging, allows for more versatility and provides an essential USB plug.

The Roav’s automatic tuning is another excellent feature. It searches for open FM radio stations and connects. It’s one-button calling feature and high-performance microphones make phone conversations accessible without stress.

Sumind BT70 – The Best Display

The Sumind is easy to miss with its large LCD backlight LCD of 1.7 inches. Streaming music can show the artist and song name as well as the number and name of the contact when they call in. Adjustable to their specifications, the BT70’s gooseneck rotates 270.0 degrees for a direct line of sight.

The BT70’s multi-port design allows you to play music from USB flash drives and micro SD cards. CVC technology, which creates full duplex sound and suppresses external noise, improves call performance.

Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters Buyers Guide

Consider what you want from your Bluetooth FM transmitter before deciding.

What is a Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

The Bluetooth FM Transmitter (an FM Radio Transmitter) links mobile devices and MP3 to a car’s stereo system via FM radio frequencies. It allows vehicles without Bluetooth to stream music or make calls using a connected device wirelessly. Transmitters can charge other devices.

Bluetooth FM transmitters can be charged via USB ports. These ports also double as auxiliary ports. Some Bluetooth FM transmitters allow for Micro SD cards or other USB types for a broader range of listening options.

Our Review Standards

Two rounds of the review were conducted on the best Bluetooth FM transmitters. We began by looking for the best Bluetooth FM transmitters on Amazon. This included Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, and Amazon superlatives.

Our testing team chose the five Bluetooth FM transmitters that met the highest standards. Each product was tested on a vehicle by a member of our team. We noted how easy the transmitters were to install, how they handled calls and streamed music, and how versatile their features were. Based on these criteria, each product received a rating of 5 stars.


This test measured the ease with which the Bluetooth FM transmitter was installed in our vehicle’s aux port. Also known as a cigarette lighter connector adapter, we connected them to our phones after each transmitter was installed. More points were awarded to transmitters that were easily installed and linked quickly.


This category measured both the quality of streaming music and phone calls. Transmitters who poured without interruptions scored higher.


This category measures the extra functions of each transmitter. It includes additional features and ports. More features and intuitive designs were awarded higher points.

Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter Testing Process

We used a 2014 Honda Civic SE to test our Bluetooth FM transmitters. Each pair was paired with an iPhone 12 Pro. To test clarity, Spotify (r) streamed at least two songs. To try clarity and hands-free calling, a call was made to another member of the product testing team.

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