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We’ve all heard that scheduling a car repair service is a fantastic option to care for your car. Knowing what tests include in the comprehensive service during regular vehicle maintenance is helpful.

Contacting garages, comparing quotes, and checking service schedules to learn more information can be exhausting and long. We’ve compiled this guide, including an FAQ section. It will provide you with everything you need to be aware of about a regular complete car service.

What Is a Car Service?

Car service is a check-up to ensure your car operates efficiently and safely. As part of your car’s regular maintenance, a certified mechanic will check the various aspects of your vehicle.

All wear and tear aspects, from the general condition to the fluid level in your engine, will be inspected. If the mechanic finds any parts that need to be replaced and they are in a position to guide you to what next steps. A car service isn’t identical to having an MOT, as it’s not an obligation under the law. However, both of them can help keep your vehicle in good condition.

While full-service is the most well-known type of car hire in the UK, there are many types of car service levels to pick from. A full-service is more thorough than an interim service, while a major one is the most comprehensive.

What Is a Full Service?

Although there’s undoubtedly merit for both an interim and significant service, these tests typically cover only a few or too many parts to be considered reliable car maintenance. Full service is a good alternative if you can pay for one service per year – and in both time and cost.

When booking through BookMyGarage, you will receive a complete service with 40 valuable checks. The checks cover everything from your vehicle’s fluid levels to the condition of your brakes, tires, and timing belts. A full-service is guaranteed to provide you with the peace of mind that you have earned.

What Does a Full Service Include?

If you’re looking through this post, the likelihood is that you have visited several garages. The checklists included in a full-service may vary from one garage to the next. This can make determining if you’re receiving a good deal difficult.

BookMyGarage simplifies the process for you. The garages we list on our website price their services following our industry-standard service plan, which means you can continually evaluate costs “like-for-like.” With a vast selection of franchised and independent garages on our comparison website, You are guaranteed to find a good bargain on the suitable garage for you.

The table below shows a complete list of all checks included in the BookMyGarage comprehensive car service.

Why Should I Book a Car Service?

Scheduling a car service whenever necessary is one of the most efficient and effective ways to ensure your car is in good condition. If you do not make a reservation for a car service in the time you need it, this will cause more harm to your finances than good.

Car Servicing Helps to Prevent Expensive Breakdowns

Although wear and tear should be expected, getting a vehicle service will help lessen the damage and impact this could cause.

Operating with a dirty or blocked oil filter may reduce the oil lubrication of your engine. If the parts are not properly lubricated, the friction created could cause overheating, which can cause damage to the steel. Although freshly lubricated oil or a brand new filter could cost as little as PS50, Replacing the pistons could cost several hundreds of pounds.

Regular maintenance of your car will help you reduce the cost of these extra repairs and allow you to stop issues from occurring.

Your Car Can Be Worth Up to 20% Less Without a Service History

Similar to car wear and tear, depreciation is also a natural process. However, regular maintenance can minimize the effects.

According to a recent Autotrader report, a lack of a history of service can decrease the value of your vehicle by as much as 20%. That’s the equivalent of missing PS3,850. While car maintenance may appear unnecessary, it could benefit your financial situation over the long term.

Buyers may need to be sure that the vehicle they’re buying is in good shape. When you maintain your vehicle, you can assure buyers they’ll need to know that the car is worth their money. Keep a thorough document of the services your vehicle has undergone. It will be in a position to provide buyers with a complete service history that will assure them of your vehicle’s high quality and reliability.

This can also be a benefit in the case of insurance. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance company might look into your car’s service history to assess the value of your vehicle before an accident. A complete service history could aid in improving the valuation of your vehicle.

Car Servicing Decreases Your Fuel Costs

If your car is having problems, it will not only have a higher chance of breaking down, but you’ll notice that your vehicle is using much more gas. The cost you save by failing to make an appointment for a car service could cost you more over time. If every part functions according to its intended function and the engine are at a lower risk of stress and based on your manner of driving, you’ll likely utilize less fuel.

What a BookMyGarage Car Service Can Do For You

When you reserve a full service with BookMyGarage and BookMyGarage, you can compare prices “like-for-like” to determine the most suitable garage for your needs. Using our online comparison website, you could save up to 70 percent when comparing service costs.

You’ll be aware of the full schedule of our services, and you will ensure that you’re receiving the best value from the garage you choose. Go to the BookMyGarage website and compare garages using reviews and ratings unfiltered to select the most suitable garage to handle your car service.

How Long Does a Car Service Take?

A complete service can require around three hours to be completed. An interim service will take about one to half hours; however, a major one typically takes longer than three hours.

In such a short period, professional car service will allow your vehicle to run to its fullest potential when you hire an experienced garage.

Select the best garage for your car service and enjoy top-quality automobile care now.

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