How To Find A Good Mechanic

Did you know that 88% of Australians fear being ripped-off by a mechanic? Many choose to wait or skip the service altogether. To avoid dealing with a mechanic, many car owners choose to delay or even skip a service. Over 50% of cars are not serviced on-time.

But not all mechanics have to be bad. Many mechanics, especially in Australia, are skilled at what they do. Knowing how to choose a good mechanic is key. We’ve compiled a list below that will help you identify a good mechanic in auckland right away.


Although it may seem obvious, ask for recommendations and review online on sites such as True local or Google. You want to see consistent positive reviews. Everybody gets a negative review, but a page is a red flag.


Avoid the mechanic who urges you to do everything at once. Good mechanics will help you save money. You might get a heads-up that your brake pads are low, and whether they can be left alone for 3 months. It is all about communicating what is urgent and what can wait.


Nobody likes to be surprised by a high-priced bill. Good mechanics will give you a price estimation upfront. If anything comes up, they will give your permission before moving on.


Let’s get to the point about money. Don’t be fooled by a mechanic who is too cheap! A $120 service will not make them a living so they’ll try to sell you unnecessary items or do a nasty job that won’t cost you long-term. An excellent benchmark for fair market value is $180 on a basic service with a standard (non European), car.


A mechanic who is a good one has cars in their blood. In fact, they are able to do anything with engines in their DNA. A passionate mechanic will be enthusiastic and excited. You want this mechanic. They will not only do a better job fixing your ca or r but they will also take the time to understand the problem and be much more pleasant than someone who hates their job.


Many mechanics still insist on telling you to “turn up”. This is a sign that they are disorganized and will likely leave you waiting. A good mechanic will be able to book you in at a particular time and date at your closest location . This shows that they value your time and your own.


A 12-month warranty for all parts and labour. A good mechanic will back their quality.


You want to be able to talk to someone, establish a trust relationship with them and have a good conversation. It’s worth spending the effort to find a mechanic who is willing to listen and understand your vehicle. You should not feel rushed or frustrated by your mechanic.


A mechanic who is skilled will take down your invoice and itemize each component, as well as the hours spent fixing or maintaining your car in an easily-understand manner. It’s possible that they are trying to conceal something if you get an invoice with a bundle price and vague explanations.


You can tell if your mechanic runs a professional business by the number of girly posters they have plastered on the walls. It’s not just simple things such as returning calls and a clean environment that will show your mechanic that you value them as customers. This will make your experience better and help the mechanic do a great job.


Let’s be honest, job cards and paper diaries are obsolete. Electronic systems are used to track the work of good mechanics. They can keep track of the car’s history and determine what repairs are needed. You will also be provided with scan tools and other electronic diagnostics equipment that allows them to diagnose and repair any faults. These tools are essential to avoid over-service, misdiagnosed issues and frequent faults. A good mechanic is one who keeps up to date with all the latest technology.

There are many types of mechanics. However, a good mechanic, the right Mechanist, will provide the professionalism of every other business. They will want to build a long-term relationship with you and apply their skills, experience, and passion to your vehicle.

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