Top 10 Car Driving Tips & Techniques For Beginners

Most people find driving exciting, particularly beginners. Every adult wants to be able to go. It’s a skill that is useful in everyday life. Carelessness and adventure while driving may affect the safety of the driver and the other drivers and pedestrians.

We have listed ten essential car driving techniques and tips every new driver should learn.

Learn about your vehicle

Before you drive your car, it is essential to know the basic layout. Although learning everything in one day is impossible, theoretical knowledge should be at least acquired. Every driver should be able to do the basic things, such as operating the buttons and dials on the dashboard and steering wheel, where to put the jack, or how much fuel the tank can hold.

Each class of car has its driving characteristics. Some people find it challenging to park and maneuver SUVs. To avoid panic, you should be aware of any challenges the vehicle may present.

Wear a seat belt

All drivers of cars must always wear their seatbelts while driving. You should always wear your seat belt when going, whether a novice or an expert.

A study found that almost 75% of car drivers in India don’t wear seat belts when driving. This results in 15 deaths per day. Wearing a seatbelt is not only mandatory but also an effective way to prevent severe injuries in the event of an accident.

Make sure you check and adjust your vehicle before driving

Before you start your journey, ensure your steering wheel, seat, and mirrors are in the correct position. Although you may see others making these adjustments while driving on the road, as a beginner, it’s best to do them beforehand. This will ensure a safe and comfortable drive.

Both hands should be on the steering wheel

You should always drive with more than one hand as a novice. You can keep your car under control by holding the steering wheel steady with both hands.

Beginners find these techniques of holding the steering wheel comfortable. These are not the only techniques. What matters most is that you find the best hand position for your comfort.

Maintain moderate speed

Beginners should maintain a slow or moderate speed. Although driving at high speed can give you an adrenaline rush, remember that it may be challenging to control a vehicle initially. If an object or a person suddenly appears in front of your car, you may have difficulty controlling it. This could lead to an accident.

Signal indicators

You can communicate with other motorists by using your car indicators. Use turn indicators before changing lanes, passing other vehicles, and stopping on main roads. This will alert other drivers to slow down and give you space to make a turn safely.

Avoid distractions

Avoid using your phone while driving. Mobile phone distractions cause road accidents, and you and others are at risk. If you need to make a call while driving, stop your vehicle at a safe location and speak. Avoid using earphones when driving.

Confidence and calmness are key

Confidence and calmness are the most important driving tips. As a new driver, it is normal to feel nervous. However, this should be fine with your attitude on the road. Panicked thinking can be dangerous to you and others. At first, drive only the distances that you can safely travel. Once you feel confident in your driving abilities, you can gradually increase your travel distance.

Drink and Drive Fines in India

This article stresses the importance of not driving while under the influence. In India, the legal drinking age varies by state. However, the driving and drinking rules are consistent across the country.

Keep your insurance and license documents with you

You should always have your driving licenses and any other documents related to driving, such as the registration certificate or a valid motor insurance policy, with you when driving. You will be fined if you are caught driving without the required documents. Nobody wants to be penalized for making such a simple mistake, especially at the start of their driving career.

Never drive under stress

As a new driver, you must pay extra attention to familiarize yourself with the roads and traffic. Split-second decisions while driving can put your life at risk or keep you safe. Stress can make you lose your balance, impair your judgment and concentration abilities and leave you more susceptible to accidents and misjudgments. It is, therefore, best to avoid driving if you are stressed or in a bad mood.

Why do you need car insurance?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1998, all car owners must have an active third-party insurance policy. Consider a comprehensive approach for your car. It will cover you for many unfortunate events such as theft, damage from a collision or dents, and natural disasters.

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