Here are some reasons to have your bike serviced on time

Why is it so important to have your bike serviced promptly?

A motorcycle can last a lifetime if it is maintained properly and reliably.

Bike service is the process of checking the health and fixing any problems. If a bike is well maintained, it will last a lifetime and be reliable and reliable. Motorcycle manufacturers recommend that you service your bike every 3000km. The chain, engine oil, air filter, and electrical are all serviced at every service. However, the brake pads, brake pads and bearings need to be checked after a while. The cost of general preventive maintenance on mass-market bikes and some premium bikes is below Rs. If the bike has been used for less than three months, it must be serviced monthly. These points emphasize the importance of having a bike service completed on time.

Bikes that are well maintained have a higher resale price and are easier to sell.

Higher Resale Value, An owner will have an advantage if there are complete service records. Buyers will pay more for the bike’s condition than it is worth.

Less frequent breakdowns Regular servicing reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns and parts failures. You can ride the bike with complete confidence. This is how the user views the bike’s reliability.

Intimation of Upcoming Expenses– The service center staff often points out any upcoming repairs, such as a sprocket replacement or coolant top-up.

Warranty Claims The manufacturer can refuse to honor a warranty claim if services are not performed at the specified time. It is best to choose the longest warranty coverage and complete all services simultaneously.

Lower Wear and Tear Rate– If parts of the bike have been maintained properly and taken care of, they will wear down at a lower rate. The life expectancy of the chain is extended by cleaning and lubricating it. Additionally, changing the engine oil at regular intervals will reduce the wear rate of engine components.

Higher Fuel Efficiency Preventive maintenance keeps your engine and other mechanicals in great condition. A better fuel economy is achieved through regular oil changes, filter cleaning, and proper tire pressures.

Easy To Use – A well-maintained bike is more comfortable and less stressful.

Improved Life of Parts Bike Service involves lubricating and adjusting the play of parts to make them work normally and reduce stress. A clean and well-lubricated chain will also improve the life of the sprocket.

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