There are many reasons to use bike mirrors and ways to adjust them.

How do you adjust the rearview mirrors of your bike?

Automobile companies must provide rearview mirrors in their market offerings by law. They serve an important purpose. Rearview mirrors are even more crucial due to the vulnerability of 2-wheeler riders on our roads. It is common to eliminate bike mirrors to improve aesthetics. This is dangerous and can cause injury to the rider and other road users. Let’s look at some reasons why rearview mirrors are so important.

Mirrors are usually mounted on the handlebars of most bikes, but some bikes with full fairings have them on their fairings.

Increases Safety– Rear view mirrors improve visibility and help riders to see behind them. They can also change lanes, slow down, or overtake other traffic. Rearview mirrors are safer for the rider and his surroundings.

Improved Awareness of the Surroundings Rearview mirrors on bikes helps riders see other road users. This improves judgment and allows him to avoid vehicles coming at him at high speeds.

Like most things in the automobile world, rearview mirrors can be used to achieve the best view possible with minimum blind spots.

When changing the mirrors, keeping the bike upright and the front wheel pointed ahead is important.

Sit in Your Riding Position The first thing you need to do is sit on the seat exactly as you would while riding. Cruisers and commuters should sit in an upright or laid-back position, while sport bikes will require that you sit in a lean-forward position.

Point the Front Wheel Straight The next step is to point the front wheel straight ahead. It is necessary for bikes with mirror-mounted handlebars. However, a straight handlebar will eliminate any lean-on motorcycles with fairing-mounted mirrors.

Adjust the Stem Mirror stems can be adjusted inwards or outwards with the appropriate spanner.

Vertical Adjustment– Mirrors should always be adjusted vertically so that motorists following you do not fall in your direct line of sight.

Rearview mirrors can have blind spots, so it is important to check your shoulders while riding.

Horizontal Adjustment– Horizontal adjustment is essential to ensure the best view of your mirrors. Turn them horizontally until you can see your arms through the inner portion of the mirror.

Fine-tuning – After setting the mirrors up, it is time to ride.

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