The Dangerous Effect of a Dry Chain on Your Bike

Why is it so important to keep your bike’s chain clean and lubricated.

A motorcycle’s drive chain transmits power to the rear wheels. It is an important link that allows it to function. It is subject to a lot stress and requires frequent maintenance in order to keep it functioning normally. Every rider is aware that bike chains need to be lubricated and cleaned at regular intervals. This is a simple DIY task that will increase the life of your bike chain and sprocket. Most users still use dry chains. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a dry chain.

Modern bikes don’t have a cover for the chain, so the chain is exposed.

Looks Bad — Dirty chains can not only affect a bike’s reliability but also look bad if they are completely covered in dirt and grime.

Snapping is the most serious consequence of using dry chains. Snapping can cause the wheel to become locked if the snapped chain is not secured from the sprocket. This could cause loss of control, which can lead to a crash.

Chain Noise A chain that lacks lubrication can make an annoying noise when it comes in contact with sprocket tooth. This is because the chain’s speed increases with increasing speed.

Premature Wear – Although the life expectancy of a bike frame depends on its use, poor lubrication is the main reason it wears out prematurely.

Damages the Sprocket A dry chain can get stretched over time and cause damage to the sprocket teeth.

The Engine A damaged dry chain can lead to reduced performance and poor fuel economy. To maintain high speeds, the engine must work harder.

In the long-term, a dry chain will only cause an increase in costs. Two simple steps are required to get the most out of your bike’s chains.

You can do chain cleaning at home, but it should be done carefully

Keep it Clean and Lubricated. The drive chain should first be cleaned with a chain cleaner, then lubricated with a chain grease spray. A wire brush soaked with kerosene, or diesel is a better option for cleaning the chain. As an alternative to chain oil, you can use gear oil.

Adjust Chain Slack As distance is accumulated, the bike chain can become loose. This can lead to a loss of control and a decrease in enjoyment. It is important to monitor and adjust the chain according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

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