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Our Promise to You:

This Helmet is supplied as new stock straight out of the official supplier, our stock has never been on display and never been tried on. Untouched fresh new stock buy with Confidence. Read our true story here (click here)


New for 2017, the F-2 Carbon Fiber/Kevlar MIPS helmets are Fly Racing's pro level helmet offering. Like many of its competitors, the F-2 features a carbon fiber and kevlar composite shell construction, along with state of the art MIPS brain protection technology. Unlike its competitors, the F-2 comes with a much cheaper price tag, making it a must have for any serious racer with one eye on their budget.Ā 

Carbon fiber, KevlarĀ®, Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPSĀ®), Drylex Microfiber, the F2 Carbon in its standard form is as close to a factory race bike as a helmet can get. Used by top FLY racers Trey Canard, Andrew Short, Weston Peick, and Justin Brayton, this helmet is out-of-the-box and on-to-the-racetrack ready.


  • Meets or exceeds the toughest safety standards on the market. SNELL 2015, DOT approved.
  • Shell is constructed using state-of-the-art, aircraft grade woven carbon fiber and KevlarĀ® composite materials, which create superior strength while remaining extremely light
  • MIPSĀ® low-friction layer can absorb more of the rotational force of impacts, adding more protection than other standard EPS helmets
  • Flow through EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and comfort liner air system align to maximize airflow
  • Dual density EPS liner combines two layers of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), one softer, one slightly harder to provide more progressive impact absorption for different levels of impact
  • Multi-port air induction cooling system includes eleven (11) intake and four (4) exhaust vents that create massive airflow to keep your head cool
  • Quad-vent goggle anti-fog vents above goggle eye port draw air from goggle to help clear away fog
  • Custom molded rubber trim with integrated nose guard helps keep rocks and debris away from your nose
  • Quick Release washable CoolmaxĀ® comfort liner & cheek pads absorb sweat, provide plenty of ventilation, and are easy to remove
  • Constructed using super-strong, lightweight machined aluminum visor screws, and stainless steel rivets, and D-rings for superior strength and years of worry free use
  • Optional carbon fiber intake vent wing can be added to the helmetĀ for increased direction of airflow on the front vents



How You Fall if You Fall

Most helmets are tested only by dropping them vertically onto a flat surface. MIPSĀ® technology is the hard-earned result of over 19 years of studies and testing by some of the worldā€™s leading researchers and brain surgeons, based on a different principle ā€“ reality. Because in reality when you fall, your head usually hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational force that leads to strain in the brain. With MIPSĀ®, the helmet can absorb more of that rotational force, adding better protection than helmets not equipped with MIPSĀ®.

Land on Your Feet, Even When You Donā€™t

MIPSĀ® (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) patented technology was developed by some of the worldā€™s leading researchers in biomechanics and neuroscience at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. You can see for yourself the difference in an angled impact between helmets with and without MIPSĀ®. With exactly the same speed and angle, the results are very different. The pictures speak for themselves ā€“ the more red areas, the more strain in the brain. Gain peace of mind by helping to protect your brain with a new standard of technology currently on the market, MIPSĀ®.

Mimicking the Brain

The secret behind MIPSĀ®, patented technology derives from the human brain. The brain is surrounded by a low-friction cushion of cerebrospinal fluid that protects it by allowing it to slide slightly on impact. MIPSĀ® imitates the brainā€™s way of protecting itself by giving the helmet its own low-friction layer between the outer shell and the liner, which also slides to absorb a portion of the energy created by an angled blow to the head. Ā This can reduces the rotational force otherwise transmitted to your brain. The combination of the brainā€™s own protection and MIPSĀ® therefore provides more protection than a helmet without MIPSĀ® technology. Very simple and very effective. MIPSĀ® mirrors the brainā€™s own intelligent protection system and provides an additional element to helmet safety.